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Ass's life!

Ass's life! Day and night comes and goes, But still I keep I up, my nose. With pride thinking that, My turn will be the last. Life is short, time is passing, I spend it for eating and sleeping. Also mating and defending, My life's mainly including. For what too long to wait? Just fame I want a lot. For that only, I hardly work, Not feeling the moving sticks of clock. Colleagues rude me, the partner rule, Even thou I stay in this role. As a camel who is enjoying, By his own fresh blood soaking. Senses are like running horses, It is true without any doubts. They run in search for pleasure, Thinking that here is the treasure.
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She had everything but felt nothing

-Hurry! Hurry! Do a move and turn your clock to your opponent! Move! Time! Move! Time! I had left only 1-1.5 minutes, she-Zeykine had left 5 minutes. This game was going to decide the whole tournament – country chess championship among women results. Crowd of people surrounded our table. I was in an urgency that did not have time to just look up which people were there. I felt that all 2.5 liters of blood of my body moved to my head. My face was burning in a fire from inside. My heart seemed like was jumping and beating the chest in order to go out. My right hand was upheld, despite it became tired, it stood in the air getting ready to do the move and to stop the watch. My eyes saw only black-white figures on the black-white chess board. My mouth cried out to the arbiter, requesting him to be closer to our table in the time of urgency. I tried to find predict move to do just after my opponent's. Poor arbiter cried out again and again: -"be careful with the clock! Do not beat on…

Crying of the soul

I will be fully ever lost, If don't put on head the dust, Of the feet of the most beloved, Dear people to the Lord. My mind's word is "want!" Knows only thing to hurt. Seeing mouse like bad in others, Not feeling the elephant in its. Covered by passion, sometimes, Other times with ignorance. Only know about sleeping, Or the sources pleasure taking. What's the use of up waking early? Even thou my mind is sleepy. "loosing time, rascal!" soul cries, Why still you are not enough wise? "tik, tik, tik, listen time walks!" What's the use of mundane talks? They only create desire mislead, And pushes to do useless deed. While chanting the Holy Names, Mind for journey hardly longs. Can't keep, catch and beat, Enough! Anymore, impossible tolerate! Crying loudly, hot tears from eyes, Please, someone hear my voice! To whom can I go with bowl? Begging mercy for my soul. What is water? What is bread? What is air? What is cloth? Where is home? Where is love?
For my crying lonely s…


I want back to my home, Where there is none alone. Where the hearts are not stone, Where freedom is everyone's own. Flowers are there, birds are there, Where anybody has no fear. No Moon, no Sun is there, 'cause no need to be them there. No words but songs, no walks but dance, How foolish if to miss this chance? Only love may cause disturbance, But that is real fortune's glance. There is only heart-real Friend, Whom you can give shake of hand. Please, believe my dear friend! That is your real Homeland!

Very close but Unachievable

Cry, cry, cry my soul cry! But the reason who knows why? Want to eat, want to catch, But it is impossible to do that. Oh Holy Name, You are so sweet! I fell down into Your feet! Nothing, nothing in this world I need! Just want to be engaged in Your deed. No, no it is not me who is eloquent, It is You who give intelligence to make intelligent!

A perfect practice for millions lives!

Took a bath despite to the type of whether, Waking up when the Sun was not there. Oh, yes! Before swept cleanly the floor, Meditating that God will love me for. Wearied my sari and put tilak, Also kajal, decoration to my eyes and hair. Opened Altar to meet my Lord there, Or correctly, to be seen by Him here. Paid obeisance with lots of prayers, Which I copied from Acharias previous. "Oh Lord! You are only shelter…" and so on, "Please, don't neglect Your child alone!" Sang Samsara with held up hands, Followed prayers to Nrisimhadeva. Then worship was to Bhakti Devi, Who is the heart of Lord Hari. My obeisance to You my heart, Made of sacred Tulasi plant. Please, help me chant the Names, As like Ganga to the Ocean flows! Before my Deities and Queen, Sat in half lotus form. Chanted AUM then Pranamas, To Vaishnavas, my Guru and all. Softly started with "Hare!" Following with "Krishna" then again "Hare!" "aha, good time for me-mind, To show my nature as a wi…
-Do you hear this sound, Arjuna? -Which sound? No, I do not hear anything. It was long after battle of Kurukshetra. Arjuna and Krishna were sitting together and Krishna opened His heart to His friend. He told that still I hear the crying voice of Draupadi calling My Name: "Hey, Govinda!" This echo is still there in my ear and heart. And every time I keep Myself ready to run to help to her." ----------------- When Draupadi was put before the assembled guests of Hastinapur in not suitable form and cruel hearted Duhshasana wanted to take her sari out she, crying, started to beg for the help. She asked for the help to the most powerful warriors like Bhishmadev, Dronacharya what to say about her own husbands?! For that time, even being an emperor, Dhiratashtra refused to help her. Then loosing her hope for anyone, Draupadi thought she will protect her herself. When Duhshasana shamelessly started to pull her sari she tried to catch her sari and stop him. Later she understood that…